July 2015 - The Cabin

We spent our final days living in Maine the same way we spent our first few days living in Maine - at The Cabin, a little portal to a timeless wonderworld.  In a way, it's fitting, because I believe we come in to this world itself full of wonder.  And, if we're lucky, we'll leave the same way.  

Coming to The Cabin, I believe, is a way to remind us of where we've been, who we belong to, and where we're going.  No matter what schizmatic deviations and possibilities our lives turn, whether enigmatic pathway or a seasonal cosine, there is a point at which all possibilities cross, and we come to this same place.  It happens across time (when we gather for holidays), and it can happen in places as well (homes, or places we return to).  If you're lucky, you too will find a little piece of the Earth that never changes, at least in your mind.  But beyond the confines of space and time there are the places to which we inevitably return in our hearts, at times when we are most inspired and when we are most lonesome.  That is a place called home.

I will always have a home here.  And this home will, whether it accepts the exchange or not, have a piece of my heart.