At Home with The Brownes

Editing a film of any kind is an intuitive process, and to screen through footage of actual events and sift out only the moment that matters, especially when you're trying to tell a story about people, requires some sense of who they are. When I think about the Brownes, there's actually a Bible verse that comes to mind, and it's 1 Corinthians 16:14. "Let all that you do be done in love." The little things Margi and Kevin do for each other and for Eleanor and James -- they matter. You can hear it through their children's giggles and all the things the children know. You can see it in their confident expressions and actions. These children are loved.

One of my favorite scenes is of Margi walking down the hall with a teddy bear. A daily action of straightening up, done in love.

Another scene I love is Eleanor just before we go outside. It's OK not to smile all the time, and I love the intelligence of her deep expression. And then, that smile -- she looks so much like Margi here, but that expression, that quick light of joy in her face -- that's Kevin.

The scene that gets me every time is how quickly James is comforted by Margi in the throes of his toddler anguish. (He was upset because he couldn't hold a camera on the mantle.) How quickly the days go by, how easily their little tea kettles boil over, and how easily our love and distraction lifts them up and cools them off. I miss those days with my own. Long years before grudges or stomping off to their rooms, there's this sweet stage. Margi knows exactly what he needs, and she lifts him up. Everything -- done in love.

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