Real Life with The Wheelers

What's more exciting than a baby, a preschooler, and 6 cups of permanent dye?  Not much!  Come join Ben, Heidi, Lilly, and Ollie as they dye eggs on our snowy day before Easter in their home in Waterville, Maine. If you missed Meet the Wheelers, where I introduce the project and share the production stills, you can see all those here! (If you're new to this process, I shoot stills as well as video during a family session.)

Ben and Heidi are friends of ours, and Ben is a local photographer who shoots weddings and families.  You can see his colorful work here!  Both Ben and Heidi work, some in and some out of the home, and I'm constantly amazed with how well they coordinate everything and still make plenty of time for good friends.  Ben grew up in Waterville and they are loved by absolutely everyone here.

They also live right down the street from Ben's parents - lucky grandbabies!

I made a film for them a year ago, so it's so much fun to see Ollie and see how their lives have all changed with the addition of a new child.  They've been through gut-wrenching moments this year through Ollie's surgeries and long trips to Boston Children's Hospital.  Lilly has grown a bit taller and has a much more expansive vocabulary, but is still that hilarious, opinionated, sparkly little personality I first met when she was two.

One thing has not changed, and that is Ben & Heidi's love and support of each other as well as their undying enthusiasm and adoration for their children.  Despite everything, they are above all, understanding of each other, even without words.