Real Life with The Malletts

[For those of you who missed Meet the Malletts, where I shared all their still photos I shot during the filming process, click here.]

Last December, eight of Katie's closest friends got together and paid for her session as a gift. I will never forget getting to call Katie and tell her. So special.

Katie and Jason live in Hampden, Maine, just outside of Bangor, with their two sweet, adorable children, Henry and Rosie.

When I arrived, two little teeny children greeted me at the door, so excited. Both of them had sparkling eyes and were just full of energy! I could tell this was going to be a good day!

Henry has his father's swimming pool blue eyes, and his mother's warm and compassionate heart. He is always thinking of other people's point of view, which is completely remarkable for his age. Rosie has her mother's smile, a hilarious sense of humor, and is affectionate and loving. She also loves to dance and will turn it on whenever "Shake It Off" comes on! Haha!

After a little while, I started to see the flicker in Henry's eyes fade a bit.

It's been almost a year since Henry was diagnosed with leukemia. They've been through so much as a family over the past year. It's hard to imagine what they must have thought and how difficult it was to care for Rosie while Henry was in the hospital for various treatments.

Henry has turned a corner the past few months and despite some infections has been able to do his chemo at home and his hair is just starting to come back. Despite the hundreds of day on their countdown until "no more chemo," Henry will be OK. And he has many prayer warriors praying for his fight along the way.

Before I left, Henry's energy picked up again and his eyes twinkled again, and looking back at the footage now, I realize--it was his father who played with him and held him, his mother who made him laugh. Who hugged him and loved on him and rested with him and tickled him until he felt a bit better, and quietly set him free to play again.

For many couples, something like this could tear them apart. But what I see in the Malletts' home is nothing but pure joy in the moments given, optimism, love, patience, and calmly meeting everyone's needs when they arise. I sense peaceful and trusting hearts, grateful to be guided by God's hand through the night as they sail on circumstance. They let Henry jump around and be silly and wild and act like a 3-year-old, because that is what he is. But Katie is on the ready to tenderly tend to his needs when he needs her, to both children. Jason and Katie help each other. They love each other. They respect each other for being so strong. Love radiates through acts of service and simple play. One day at a time.