The Largest Tides In the World

We went to the Bay of Fundy, where there is the largest difference in low tide vs high tide in the whole world.  At low tide, it's out so far you could walk out on the sand for what feels like nearly a mile.  At high tide, the water breaks just shy of a 60-foot cliff.  Each ridge in the sand, indicating the previous ocean's last lap, as you walked out, was about 12 inches apart from the previous one.  We found seaweed with pods that would *pop* when you pressed them and fit perfectly over Bittykins' little fingers as finger puppets.  We showed up in the morning and stayed until the guards rounded the edges of the shore to ensure no one got caught round the corner and cut off by the ocean, unable to get back.  We had to climb many stairs to get from the beach back to "shore" at the top of the cliff.

This is what we saw.

My EverydayEmily Mitchell