Our First Time in Canada

We headed up from Waterville, Maine to an amazing place I now want to move when I'm old called Lubec, Maine.  I felt so inspired by this place.  We drove to our first stop, a finger-shaped beach on an almost-island with only one road called Long Road.  The road is so remote that you have to zoom in to the next-to-last zoom level available in Google Maps before you even see the road.  I chose this place because, browsing a map, the location looked amazing: far, far east, surrounded by only chilly Atlantic ocean...almost the Easternmost point of the entire American east coast.  It's rocky, sandy, and flanked by tall grasses, as you might expect.  But it is paved, because otherwise it would be inaccessible 10 months out of the year due to massive snow and ice melt.  On our very early morning drive to the beach, we spotted an elderly lady walking down the road in a tall pointed hat, toward her mailbox about 80 feet away.  On our return trip out over an hour later, we saw the same lady walking the other direction, mail in hand.  This was an incredible day.  Our next stop was the *actual* Easternmost point in the U.S., Quoddy Head Lighthouse.  Next, we stopped at a gift shop and came away with chocolate suckers for the kids, and some chocolate for me as well.  I'd like to say Geoff's gift was having everyone quiet, but that wasn't the case, because the shop also gave us balloons... We kept driving, and crossed the border!   That was very exciting.  This was my first time ever in Canada.  (So far I'm in love.)  We stopped at the Roosevelt summer escape, just over the border in Canada - The Roosevelt Campobello retreat.  It was a gorgeous old home, and I remember the half-made sailboat left on a workbench...it reminded me of all the little half-made toys I had waiting for me to finish at home.  I suppose, though, at some point, you just get busy enjoying your children and forget about the toys.  There was a stone shed outside that used to be a (giant) icebox.  Can you imagine, all that food out there?  The bears...I guess that's why they made it stone!  We played at the little beach there, and then found lunch/dinner of salad and poutine. Poutine is a French word, and it is French fries covered in fresh cheese curds and topped with brown gravy.  I'm happy to report that it was delicious and very satisfying, especially after several stops by windy shores...It may look mundane, but when you're traveling with 2 children, 2, and 4, everything is an adventure.  And sometimes, it really is - figuratively and literally - living on the edge.


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