Take Your Son to Work Day & The Last Day of 30

The last day I was 30, Friday, was toward the end of the school year at Colby College. Geoff has been promising to take C to work with him, so he did. we declared it our own personal, unofficial, Take Your Son to Work Day. It's only fair, since there's Take Your Daughter to Work Day. They dressed in matching lab coats and he got to play with Play-Doh left over from Geoff's recent claymation stop-motion video project with his cancer biology class. Meanwhile, I took G to the grocery store. I found the "racecart," a giant plastic contraption that affixes a two-seater toy car to a smaller than normal grocery cart that still somehow manages to crash into many displays, much to the added delight of the drivers. By the time I smoosh the diaper bag in there, I think I have about 4 cubic feet for a week's worth of groceries. It's not a good deal.

I didn't really want to agree to it, and I thought we'd gotten off scott-free when we didn't spy one in the parking lot, but there was one right by the door. I thought it might make the trip easier since her behavior was so horrific last time.

As you might have guessed, despite my making her promise to stay seated, the trip ended in her hanging from my neck, crying, "I WANT A LOBSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

After I picked C up from "work," he had a sushi lunch. He's ready for a real lab.


That afternoon, Geoff let me venture off to get my hair done! It was amazing to be free and out somewhere in the middle of the afternoon to do something for myself.

Then, despite chilly, drizzly weather, we attended an end-of-the-year BBQ for faculty & students. Burgers, chips, pasta salad, the biggest cookie smorgasbord I've ever laid eyes on...and despite the open bar, it still felt very much like something I would have attended at Furman. I kind of feel like I'm going to be eating higher education institutional food the rest of my life. Which is good, don't get me wrong! But the venues bring me back to being a student.

It feels almost like an opportunity to do it again. Could I have been someone different? It's clear to me now the people I spent a lot of time with during those years had a major impact on me. Looking around, these students look *exactly* like ones I would have had the opportunity to socialize with 10 years ago.

But I still think I would gravitate toward the same types of people and avoid other types. Maybe I wasn't impacted as much by these people as I've thought. Maybe deep down, I was already me, which is why I was attracted to the friends I had in the first place. I asked my friend Amie who she'd socialize with if we were students again. She and I picked the same group! Ha!

That night I spent my time with my Colby mama friends while our kids played in the grass and danced to the band. (There are no pictures because I don't take my camera to social occasions.) And after dinner, I ended up being the spinner again, spinning kids until they were dizzy, somehow drifting away from the other adults. I tend to gravitate toward the kids. Maybe that's who I really am, deep down.